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Maintenance Scheduling


Most K Systems products are a low maintenance finish, which require the minimum of upkeep. They may however, require cleaning & maintenance from time to time. This will be dependant on factors such as:


  • Weathering – A condition & process by which various natural agents, such as wind and rain, act upon a finished façade. This is a long term, slow process.


  • Spores in the atmosphere, dependent on the local exposure.


  • Smog in urban areas & industrial manufacturing, depending on the local environment.


All of these factors have an influence on the overall appearance of the finished render which has been installed or applied to any finished façade. These appearance changes are nothing to be concerned about, as they are a natural phenomenon.


Typical cleaning would be carried out using a mild detergent wash, perhaps followed by a gentle power-wash.


We will also create a bespoke maintenance package for you, tailored for the needs of your finished project.


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