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New branding for our External Wall Insulation systems

We’ve re-branded our system offering to provide greater clarity to designers and contractors of each system’s composition.

These changes have been introduced despite trading for more than 30 years using system branding such as Swistherm, Swisslab, Swisspan and Swisrail. “When I first joined the business last year” comments Simon Poe (Managing Director of Alumasc Facades) “it struck me that the differences between the respective system choices were not immediately obvious to everybody. Furthermore, whilst the “Swis” prefix referred to ‘Solid Wall Insulation Systems’ (rather than some link to Switzerland!), we wanted to avoid potential dilution of the key message that Alumasc consistently manufactures quality EWI solutions at its premises in the UK.”

Alumasc Facades currently offers EWI systems with 6 different finishes – Silkolitt silicone render, DashAgg stone dash, Poly-kote masonry paint, VBriQ acrylic brick slips, VBriQ+ clay brick slips and Rendabrick brick-effect render – and a choice of up to 4 different insulation options (Pro mineral wool insulation, Lite grey EPS insulation, Supa phenolic insulation and Solo render only applications).

The new convention simply combines the brand for the relevant finish (e.g. Silkolitt) with the reference for the insulation type (e.g. Pro) to create the system brand (i.e. Silkolitt Pro). Systems that are designed with a drained cavity for steel-framed constructions also incorporate Exicco branding whilst ventilated cavity for timber-framed constructions also carry the Aricco brand.

The below table summarises the system branding convention based on the client’s choice of finish and insulation type.

The new branding features here on our recently refreshed website at Here, each system has an overview of its components and key features together with important supporting documentation, such as BBA certificates, CAD drawings and System Summaries. These branding changes are currently in the process of being integrated into our existing suite of BBA certificates. For more information on our systems, please visit or contact our technical team at

Alumasc Façades System Selector


SubstrateInsulationAlumasc Finishes
Silkolitt+ silicone renderDashAgg stone dashPoly-kote masonry paintVBriQ acrylic brick slipsVBriQ+ Clay brick slipsRendabrick brick-effect render
MasonryPro – Mineral WoolSilkolitt ProDashAgg ProPoly-kote ProVBriQ ProVBriQ+ ProRendabrick Pro
Lite – Grey EPSSilkolitt LiteDashAgg LitePoly-kote LiteVBriQ LiteVBriQ+ LiteRendabrick Lite
Supa – PhenolicSilkolitt SupaDashAgg SupaPoly-kote SupaVBriQ SupaVBriQ+ SupaRendbrick Supa
Solo – Render onlySilkolitt SoloDashAgg SoloPoly-kote Solo
Steel frame
(drained cavity)
Pro – Mineral WoolSilkolitt Exicco ProDashAgg Exicco ProVBriQ Exicco Pro
Lite – Grey EPSSilkolitt Exicco LiteDashAgg Exicco LiteVBriQ Exicco Lite
Timber frame
(drained cavity)
Pro – Mineral WoolSilkolitt Exicco ProDashAgg Exicco ProVBriQ Exicco Pro
Lite – Grey EPSSilkolitt Exicco LiteDashAgg Exicco LiteVBriQ Exicco Lite
Timber frame (ventilated cavity)SIPS / InfillSilkolitt AriccoDashAgg AriccoVBriQ Aricco

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