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Benefits of EWI

Find out more on the various benefits of External Wall Insulation (EWI) below.

Saves Money on Energy Bills

The improved thermal performance of the building means that less heat will escape through the walls, allowing more efficient use of the property's heating system.

Protects the Fabric of the Building

EWI systems provide an additional defence from the effects of weather. The building's substrate is protected by a durable system with a minimum design life of 30 years.

Improved Building Appearance

EWI systems have an extensive range of finishes which elevate the aesthetic appearance of the building, transforming the exterior whilst providing a low maintenance solution.

Reduces Condensation

EWI helps to contribute to the reduction of interstitial and internal condensation which are the main causes of damp to internal walls which can lead to harmful mould growth.

Minimum Disruption

EWI is applied to the external fabric of the building meaning that occupants in many cases, do not have to leave the comfort of their home during the installation of the system.

Less Noise

The addition of the insulation and render layers to the external walls can improve the acoustic performance of the property. Some insulation types may provide higher noise reduction than others.

Improved EPC Rating

EWI is often installed to improve the Energy Performance Certificate rating of a property, often improving the appeal for future buyers.

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