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Design Support

To enable us to ensure our client’s expectations are met in the use of our products and systems, supporting you in your EWI project is extremely important to us.


At K Systems we will support you through your entire project lifecycle from design, through the build process and to completion, ensuring the highest levels of construction are achieved, consistently.

  • Design Support

We ensure that our customers are always satisfied with our service and products. We offer design collaboration through detailed site evaluation and survey reports, cost estimates, project-specific elevational colour schemes, CAD drawings and product samples.

  • Specification Support

When you are designing and specifying the appropriate solution for your project, it is always useful to have an expert guiding you through the major decisions.

We provide hands-on-guidance on what to consider from, detailed NBS specifications, regulatory advice to safety and product datasheets.

  • Calculations

To assist you in the best possible way, we offer a range of tools, ranging from thermal calculations, condensation risk analysis, wind loading calculations (for high-rise projects).

When designing and specifying the appropriate solution for your project, we always advise having an expert guiding you through the major decisions of this process. Our team of technical experts are here to support you through the entirety of your project.


Our products and systems have been designed and developed to provide you with durable lasting solutions that offer the best value over the building's life cycle. We tailor each project specification to suit your individual needs.

We understand the importance of timely delivery and ensure the solutions we provide are specific to your proposal. We have significant experience and expertise in writing EWI specifications for both low and high-rise construction offering solutions and service you can trust.

K Systems adopts a comprehensive approach to risk management, including:

  • Product testing
  • Ensuring our products have the relevant accreditations
  • Specification protocol
  • Site monitoring
  • Client warranties
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