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Our Promise Delivery

Companies are often faced with overcapacities in their own market. Remaining competitive in such an environment means to maintain or sustainably strengthen competitive edges. Price, quality and a customer service promise delivery are the crucial factors in this regard. In addition to competitive prices and quality, consistent customer service is essential to secure long-term successful customer relations.


Promise delivery times are often considered one of the main criteria for successful customer service, delivery reliability, however, is often neglected. It is, however, not the actual duration, i.e., the period up to the delivery, but the timely compliance with the promised delivery date that counts. This reliability is crucial and a critical success factor for K Systems from the customer’s perspective. 


Its not so much consistency of service delivery, but consistency in quality of service experience, delivering consistently high satisfaction for all of our customers.


Our mission to deliver customer satisfaction is what drives us to do everything possible to provide external wall insulation systems that redefine aesthetic appeal and performance. We do that by creating innovative solutions, providing unrivalled customer support, making our products more sustainable and by having a team that drives excellence. 


K Systems is certified to the 3 ISO standards in our Integrated Management System. In particular, the K Systems’ Management System is a set of policies, processes and procedures required for planning and execution for areas that can impact our ability to meet customer requirements. K Systems is certified to Quality Management System ISO:9001:2015.


Our logistics set-up enables us to offer reliable on-time delivery, to promise delivery and ensure your project runs on schedule.


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