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Contractor Support

Find out more on how we support our Contractor network throughout the UK and Ireland.


Our technical team across the UK and Ireland offer a range of support and guidance, ranging from thermal calculations, condensation risk analysis and wind loading calculations (for high-rise projects).

We offer contractors a detailed site evaluation and survey reports, cost estimates, project specific elevational colour schemes, CAD drawings and product samples.

As well as product aftercare advice, K Systems also offer installation by our registered installer network, on-site technical and installation support, project specific warranties, supplementary maintenance schedules and programmes.

Whether you are at the beginning of your project or need technical support during installation, we are here to help along the way.

“To deliver such a large project (120 houses), it requires multiple teams to work seamlessly together and have absolute trust in the other’s skill, vision, and judgement. That’s exactly what we had with K Systems on this Bishop Auckland project. The team’s innate understanding of pairing systems with finishes for optimal
performance is second to none and together we delivered a best-in-class refurbishment which was an absolute pleasure.”

Joe Rogers, Westdale Group

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