The Advantage of External Wall Insulation

Advantage of Installing External Wall Insulation

A poorly insulated building can lose up to 35% of its heat through the external walls. External wall insulation significantly reduces this heat loss, leading to a reduction in annual fuels bills by as much as 25%. The system involves the mechanical and adhesive fixing of insulation boards to the outside of a property. This layered method insulates the property and helps prevent heat from escaping unnecessarily. K Systems have developed EWI systems to suit every building and construction type. The advantage of installing an external wall insulation system can be exceptionally beneficial. 


What are the advantages of external wall insulation?

Help reduce heating bills

High insulation levels achieved by the installation of an EWI system will result in the reduction of heat loss savings on energy bills and improved home comfort. 


Long-lasting appearance 

EWI Systems protect the building façade from the effects of the weather, with low maintenance exteriors which keep the building looking crisp, stylish and clean. K Systems have an assessed life expectancy of 30 years. 


Range of Stylish finishes 

EWI Systems incorporate an extensive range of finishes and colours ranging from dash effects silicone textured renders to brick-effect finishes. 


Reduce condensation, heat loss and CO2 emissions

External wall insulation systems help eliminate interstitial and internal condensation and allowing a fresher, healthier living environment. 


Protects and prolongs the property’s external fabric.

EWI systems protect the primary fabric of the building, increasing the overall durability and performance. 

All K Systems products go through an independent audit to meet the Quality Management Standard ISO:9001, Environment Management Standard ISO:14001 and Health & Safety Management Standard ISO 45001. You can view our accreditations HERE

The advantage of installing an external wall insulation system has many benefits to a property owner. K Systems has an impressive portfolio of systems enabling clients to confidently specify a flexible building solution that not only conforms to current building regulations and energy standards but offers a wide array of final finishes to meet the client’s aesthetic expectations.


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