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22 April 2024

The Benefits of K Systems E Dash: A Highly Robust & Low Maintenance EWI Solution

Learn more on the benefits of using the K Systems E Dash External Wall Insulation system.

At K Systems, we have developed high performing EWI solutions to suit every building and construction type. We also offer the opportunity to transform the outside of a property, with durable, low maintenance finishes, silicone thin coat renders, dash, brick slips and brick-effect render. Our systems are extensively tested and certified to deliver reliable results.

One of our EWI solutions, K Systems E Dash, is a high performance, low maintenance and economical External Wall Insulation (EWI) system based on expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulating panels, alongside a Dash finish. K Systems E Dash uses EPS insulating panels that incorporate microscopic particles of graphite for enhanced thermal performance. This system is suited for the upgrade of existing buildings (refurbishment) and for new buildings, particularly where high levels of thermal performance are required. K Systems E Dash is commonly fixed on to masonry structures, as well as on to non-traditional and alternative structures to meet specific project requirements. Suitable for low and mid-rise buildings and finished using the extremely durable Dash Render and Dash Aggregate, K Systems E Dash is a highly robust and low maintenance solution.

The K Systems E Dash External Wall Insulation System provides a variety of key benefits:

  1. Fire Performance: K Systems E Dash offers a great fire rating of B-s1, d0.
  2. Economical: K Systems E Dash is one of the most cost-effective systems.
  3. Ease of Installation: Dash is a robust and easy to install finish option, allowing quicker completion of jobs.
  4. Durable: Dash Render and Dash Aggregate are a highly durable and robust finish option.
  5. Low Maintenance: K Systems E Dash is a very low maintenance solution.
  6. Colour Range: Dash Render and Dash Aggregate is available in a range of colours.

Our products and systems have been designed and developed to provide you with durable lasting solutions that offer the best value over the building’s life cycle. We tailor each project specifications to suit individual needs.

We understand the importance of timely delivery and ensure that the solutions we provide are specific to your proposal. We have significant experience and expertise in writing EWI specifications for both low and high-rise construction offering solutions and service you can trust.

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