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17 January 2023

Our Range of Systems & Finishes

Our range of systems & finishes are for use on a variety of project types.

Our range of systems and finishes are for use on new-build or refurbishment, low or high-rise construction and residential or non-residential developments.

All of our systems are available in a variety of decorative finishes, brick-effect, silicone render, dash or masonry paint allowing you to select the most appropriate aesthetic for your project.

We understand that it can be a complicated process specifying the most suitable external wall insulation system and that many factors can influence system choice and the decorative finish proposed.

Our technical representatives provide detailed design and technical assistance. With early engagement in the design process, we can advise on system selection and product specifications that are carefully tailored to the individual project requirements.

This provides opportunities for cost reductions associated with time and material waste while maximising value for money and maintaining the highest quality standards.

All our systems are complemented by an extensive range of renders, and decorative finishes including acrylic and silicone-based textured renders, brick finishes and scratch renders.

Our Range of EWI Systems

Aricco | Vented Cavity System

Aricco is a decorative vented cavity solution designed for use with timber-framed construction, incorporating a fully ventilated cavity and a seamless render finish.

Aricco is suitable for use in low rise buildings such as new build projects, timber or steel-framed construction, including SIPS panels and is compatible with offsite/modular construction techniques.

Exicco | Drained Cavity System

The Exicco System has been designed to satisfy the need for an insulated render system incorporating a drainage cavity, for use on lightweight steel or timber frame construction.

Exicco is suitable for high, medium and low-rise properties with steel or timber-framed construction.

K Systems E | Expanded Polystyrene System

K Systems E consists of expanded polystyrene EPS insulation, which is a high-performing thermal insulation at the centre of our external wall insulation systems. It upgrades the thermal properties of a building, improving U-values, reducing the risk of water penetration and condensation.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Insulation is designed to be applied externally to New-build or refurbishment projects, masonry substrates and steel frame structures on low-rise buildings.

K Systems P | Phenolic External Wall Insulation System

K Systems P consists of phenolic external wall insulation, which has a fibre-free rigid thermoset phenolic core that is covered with glass tissue. It is our most premium of wall insulations systems.

Phenolic External Wall Insulation is ideally suited to be used on low-rise buildings both new build and retrofit buildings.

K Systems M | Mineral Wool External Wall Insulation System

K Systems M consists of mineral wool insulation, which is a unique and highly versatile product. Its exceptional thermal properties contribute to the efforts to save energy and combat climate change. Additionally, the structure of mineral wool – a mat of fibres which prevents the movement of air – coupled with its long-term stability, gives it a unique ability to combat noise pollution and promote safety by reducing the risk of fire.

Mineral Wool External Wall Insulation is suitable for New-build or retrofit projects, masonry, steel frame or timber frame structures on Low-rise and high-rise buildings (i.e. higher than 11 meters in Scotland and above 18 meters in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland).

Our Range of Finishes

The K Systems external wall insulation systems offer a range of decorative finishes to meet all the aesthetic requirements of your project. The finishes available are relative to the system you specify for your project.

Our BBA approved systems boast an extensive range of finishes that come in a variety of colours. These include:

The K Systems technical experts are available and willing to provide you with guidance on detailed NBS specifications, regulatory advice, safety and product datasheets. K Systems offers unrivalled technical support, whether its product selection, project-specific specifications or the integration of K Systems into any building design.

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