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Project Overview

On initial scope, the K Systems team identified that a major challenge for this project was going to be the technical detailing between the timber frame sheeted ply at the top storey and precast concrete slab at the bottom. Several U-value calculations were completed by the experienced K Systems team to support the Council’s request of minimal detailing around the property and the target U-value. To meet these requirements, the K Systems P EWI system was specified, which utilises phenolic foam insulation boards. This insulation is lightweight and has a high thermal performance, allowing for thinner sections of insulation to achieve optimal thermal efficiency - perfect for this project, achieving the target U-value of 0.17 W/m²K , up from 0.32 W/m²K. Addressing the request for a modernised aesthetic, a dash render finish was specified. This render is extremely robust, hard-wearing, and low maintenance, ensuring the properties’ refreshed exterior would remain for years to come. The dash render was also complementary to the existing local property portfolio which was something the Council wanted to achieve.


You can download the BISF Housing case study for more detail.

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