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Complementary Products

At K Systems, we care that your project runs as smoothly as possible from start to finish, therefore we provide a variety of products to help.


TC-Additive is a solvent-free additive to thin coat renders, used to reduce the drying time of synthetic resin renders under low temperature conditions.

TC-Additive helps promote the drying of synthetic resin plaster coatings in the temperature range of approx. + 5 °C to + 15 °C. Early rainproofing is also achieved when using TC-Additive.

Product Specification

Technical Data

White milky liquid


0.98 g/cm3


≈ 9.0

Material consumption:

250 ml per 25 kg tub of thin coat

Temperature of application:

≥ +5 °C - ≤ + 15 °C

Shelf life / storage:

15 months from date of production. Store in dry, frost-free conditions.

Application Instructions
  • TC-Additive should be agitated thoroughly and added to the thin coat. Mix until homogenous just prior to exterior application. Surfaces must be clean, free from any loose material such as paint, oils, soot, lichen and dust prior to application of thin coat.
  • TC-Additive can be used at minimum temperatures of +5 °C and maximum relative humidity of 85%.
  • Maximum air and substrate temperature should be +15 °C.
  • Exposure to direct sunlight may lead to crack formation and colour deviations.
  • During application, wear protective clothing and eyewear.
  • Clean tools and equipment thoroughly
Product Downloads
Technical Data SheetDownload PDF
Safety Data SheetDownload PDF


This liquid additive is used to reduce the setting time for K Systems renders, including Base Coats, Dash Receiver and Scraped Texture renders. It accelerates the curing time meaning that the renders set faster or may be scraped earlier, enabling quicker completion of the job.

Product Specification

Technical Data

Form: clear liquid


1.4 g/cc approx.


8 approx.

Typical dosage:

0.2 litres for every 25kg bag of render

Maximum dosage:

0.2 litres for every 25kg bag of render (site trials should be carried out to determine the optimum dosage rate)

Shelf life:

12 months if stored off the ground in original, sealed containers & protected against frost and away from direct sunlight

Application Instructions
  • K Systems Accelerator should be used to replace some of the gauging water
  • This should be added into the render mix and mixed thoroughly to achieve a good, workable consistency